ABES Blockchain

    Products Tracking System

ABES Blockchain Products Tracking System

Track your product lifecycle from production stage to local sale and use.


Retailers, distributors, suppliers, manufacturers


  • Retailers, distributors, suppliers, manufacturers


  • Counterfeit or low-quality goods in sales points
  • Lack of detailed information at different stages of the product life cycle (production, storage, logistics, sales)
  • Resales by third parties
  • Customer don't have access to check the authentication and quality of goods


Blockchain products tracking system allows:
  • Implement full traceability of the product lifecycle with all the data necessary to meet high standards
  • Organize a trusting exchange of information between partners (manufacturers, suppliers, retailers)
  • Receive information in real time at all stages of the process of production, delivery, sale
  • Provide for customers access to product quality data and authentication


  • The blockchain-based Information system with traceability and management tools (Web, Cloud, Blockchain, Mobile)
  • Generation of IDs via blockchain or connection to a current identification system
  • Information exchange module between partners with the integration of various databases (Web, Cloud, Blockchain, Mobile)
  • Control Panel (Web, Cloud)


  • Easy implementation to current business processes
  • Blockchain technology ensures that tender conditions are transparent for all participants and immutable
  • Blockchain and Smart contract technologies allow to execute tender quickly and fully transparent for participants
  • Cloud technology ensure that system is reliable and available 24/7