ABES Enterprise

    Smart Supply Chain System

ABES Enterprise Smart Supply Chain System

Transform your Supply Chain into flexible and fully transparent Peer-2-Peer network of partners!


Medium and Large Enterprises with “chain” of Suppliers


  • Medium and Large Enterprises with “chain” of Suppliers


  • Traceability and transparency is limited and/or time consuming
  • Limited flexibility
  • A lot of paperwork
  • Slow physical-2-digital transactions
  • Not enough real-time information to support fast decision making


Enterprise Smart Supply Chain System:
  • Full traceability of goods/parts with all data required to conform standards compliance
  • Add new Supplier quickly from community of trusted partners
  • Minimize information exchange between Partners by using one “source of truth”
  • Quick reaction on demand volume change by send Requests to Partner community
  • Provide real-time information across all stages of Supply process
  • Matching payment with progress (via Enterprise Digital Currency system integration)


  • Main company area with supply process information, traceability and managing tools (Web, Cloud, Blockchain)
  • Supplier area with the view of its own part of supply process (Web, Cloud, Blockchain)
  • B2B transaction endpoint (Mobile, Cloud, Blockchain)
  • E-mail connector to send notifications to the users on supply process status changes
  • Smart contract module to move goods digitally along the process (Blockchain)
  • Executive dashboard (Web, Cloud)


  • Blockchain technology ensures supply process transactions are transparent for all participants and immutable
  • Cloud technology ensure that system is reliable and available 24/7