ABES Enterprise

    Smart Contract Management System

ABES Enterprise Smart Contract Management System

Digitally transform your contract management process from time consuming manual work into fully standardized automatic process of creation, approval and execution tracking!


Medium and Large Enterprises with many clients partners suppliers, etc.


  • Medium and Large Enterprises with many clients/ partners/ suppliers, etc.


  • Contractual process (creation, review/negotiation and 2-parties signature) takes a lot of time
  • Contract signature process is not convenient – requires F2F meeting or Print/ Sign/ Scan/ Send/ Print/ Sign/ Scan/ Send process
  • There is no digital “source of truth”, usually Contract signed and stored for future reference in paper form
  • Contractual process is not standardized across all clients/ partners/ suppliers
  • Contractual process is not standardized across “chain” of contracts – i.e. set of subcontractors
  • “Manual” contract conditions check during contract “execution”


Smart Contract Management System allows:
  • Simplify contract management by strictly defined roles & responsibilities where every role is responsible for their part of contract
  • Minimize number of iterations during contract negotiation by using trusted parts
  • Quick contract review before signature as user don’t need to read full contract text and just focused on key parameters
  • Quick contract signature by using digital method
  • Quick contract reference through web portal
  • Automatic contract execution by tracking contract conditions and send commands to external information systems
  • Quick overview of all contract’s current statuses and details from Executive dashboard


  • Main company area with list of contracts, contract templates and partners contacts (Web, Cloud, Blockchain)
  • Executive dashboard with all contract statuses and drill-down to details
  • Client/ Partner/ Supplier area with list of contracts with statuses
  • E-mail connector to send notifications to the users on contract status changes
  • Contract templates storage (Cloud, Blockchain)
  • Signed contracts storage (Blockchain)
  • Connectors to external information systems (on premise, Cloud)
  • Document template constructor
  • Smart contract constructor (Rules engine)


  • Blockchain technology ensures that contract can be built from trusted components that don’t need to review once approved
  • Blockchain technology ensures that contract is immutable after signed
  • Smart contract and Cryplet technology ensure that contract timely executed according to the agreed conditions
  • Cloud technology ensure that system is reliable and available 24/7