ABES Enterprise

    Digital Currency System

ABES Enterprise Digital Currency System

Digitally transform your internal budget planning, distribution and execution by using innovative digital currency approach!


Large Enterprises


  • Large Enterprises


  • Internal expenses (such as other department’s services, resources, etc.) not tracked in real-time thus budget could be overspent or underspent
  • Internal expenses per expenses type (service, project, etc.) not tracked in real-time thus budget could be used for unplanned purposes
  • Internal cross-budget expenses (such as when different departments with own budgets are providing services to each other) not tracked in real-time thus do not allow to have actual budget volume
  • Small internal (or external) transactions usually collected for the period and then executed caused cashflow issues
  • Usually budget execution information is available on organization level only periodically (monthly, quarterly, etc.) so there is no actual budget information


Enterprise Digital Currency System allows:
  • Simplify budget management by strictly defined internal digital currency “wallets” per organization unit and/or project/service
  • Real-time “wallet” information by executing all transactions immediately
  • Avoid cashflow issues by using internal currency
  • Minimize number of real-world currency transactions by executing them once per period
  • Organization level budget real-time view with drill-down to every “wallet” transactions
  • Automatic transaction execution by tracking resources/services usage via integration with other information systems
  • Quick overview of all contract’s current statuses and details from Executive dashboard


  • Main company area with organization structure, “wallets” and budgets (Web, Cloud, Blockchain)
  • Budget owner area with current budget information and transactions history with ability to initiate or accept transaction (Web, Cloud, Blockchain)
  • Executive dashboard with drill-down (Web, Cloud)
  • External connectors to track resource usage (on-premises, Cloud)


  • Blockchain and Smart contract technologies ensures that all “wallet” transactions are stored in real-time and immutable
  • Blockchain technology provide transparent view of all related transactions for the participants
  • Cloud technology ensure that system is reliable and available 24/7